BouGie Natural Hair Products

 Growing Hair Healthy With Coffee   

As the Natural Hair phenomenon continues to sweep the global communities, so does the desire to grow healthy hair from a healthy scalp. BouGie Natural Hair Products and Vitamins are answering that demand. BouGie Natural Hair products are assisting women and girls within these communities, by giving them all natural products that are essential in growing healthy hair from the inside out. Our health focus starts on the inside of the body.

The list to growing healthy hair is extensive and can be expensive: Massage the scalp, moisturize the hair, eat the proper foods, drinking plenty of water, and buy as many products as one can hoping something works. As you well know the prices for these products can be very expensive from Carrier/ Essential Oils, Supplements, and or to Hair Products which may never give them the outcome they desire. All of which can be very frustrating and confusing.

BouGie Natural can help. We want to help women across the country work through their frustration while naturally growing their hair. We understand the importance of supplying the body, scalp, and hair with a vitamin enriched, protein infused, all natural, healthy regimen, and we've created a coffee based product line that does just that.  BouGie Natural Hair Product is not only growing healthier hair, but is changing the lives of women. Experience why we say "BouGie is the new healthy".

Sabrina Newby

CEO, and Founder