BouGie Natural Hair Products

 Growing Hair Healthy With Coffee   

Q. Does the BouGie Natural Hair Products Contain Sulfates and Parabens?

A No. The BouGie Natural Products are Sulfate Free, Paraben Free, Synthetic Fragrance Free, Synthetic Color Free, and Cruelty Free.

Q. What are the benefits of taking the BouGie Natural Hair Supplements?

A. Supplies your body (Scalp) with the nutrients your body needs to support healthy hair growth.

Q. How does the Night Serum work?

A. The Night Serum zones in on the scalp, stimulating the follicles to produce healthy growth.

Q. How does the Day Serum work?

A. The Day Serum helps lock in the hair's moisture to prevent breakage.

Q. If I am using the BouGie Products do I need to drink water?

A. YES!! Water is essential to having great hair and health!


Q. Can I take the BouGie Vitamins if I am Pregnant?

A. As with any supplement, consult with your Doctor prior to taking.

Q. Are there side effects due to taking the BouGie Natural Vitamins?

A. BouGie Natural is a Natural Supplement and is Drug Free. At this time there are no clinically proven negative side effects of taking these vitamins.

Q. What happens if you stop taking BouGie Natural Hair Vitamins?

A. There are no side effects associated with discontinuing our vitamins.

Q. Are BouGie Natural Vitamins manufactured in an FDA approved facility?

A. BouGie Natural Hair Vitamins is a natural supplement, not a drug. The FDA approves medications and drugs, not dietary supplements. Our Vitamins are manufactured in FDA certified facilities.

Q. How fast will my hair grow if I use the complete BouGie Product Line?

A. Our Clients report their results as 3/4 to 1inch of growth per month. Keep in mind, growth rates vary.

Q. What makes BouGie Natural Products different?

A. Our products give your hair and scalp what it needs to thrive not only on the outside, but on the inside as well.